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Texans scouts should be fired after their 2013 NFL Draft

The Houston Texans might have had the worst NFL Draft ever in the History of the NFL.

The team drafted DeAndre Hopkins in round one and D.J. Swearinger in round two amd the rest was a disaster.

The teams 3rd through 6th round picks are not on the team except Ryan Griffin their last pick.

The team cut Brennan Williams and Sam Montgomery their 3rd rounders. They also released fourth rounder Trevardo Williams today.

Ryan Griffin is their only 6th rounder on the team out of four picks. David Quessenberry had to step away from football to battle cancer. Alan Bonner was waived/injured, and Chris Jones was released last year and tore it up last year for the Patriots.

So here is my question, how can their College scouts still have jobs? I am sorry but they need to be fired. What do you think?


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