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Rams veteran wide out Torry Holt warns fantasy owners about Tavon Austin

austinJust a few weeks ago Tavon Austin admitted publicly that he did not know the playbook for the Rams.  Well there is a bigger issue now. While everyone was hoping Austin would turn it around in his sophomore season he has been really quiet.  Former Rams wide out Torry Holt who always goes to Rams practices called out the rookie wide out. 

Tim McKernan    @tmckernan 
From @BigGame81: Tavon Austin has been very quiet this camp. He was quiet the other night. And for a guy picked 8th, that bothers me.

“Tavon Austin has been very quiet this camp, and I thought he was quiet the other night,” Holt said onThe Edmonds and McKernan Show on Tuesday. “And for a guy who was picked 8th overall, it’s bothering me he’s been so quiet up to this point.”

Holt acknowledges Austin’s natural ability, but doesn’t think his biggest contributions this year will be at the receiver position.

“What it looks like, what is sound like, he’ll make his biggest impact on special teams,” Holt said. “I know fans don’t necessarily wanna hear that, I really don’t wanna hear that, particularly with a guy being picked 8th overall at the receiver position.”

If you were planning on drafting Tavon Austin in fantasy you might want to wait until the later rounds, and this is coming from a future Hall of Famer not me….


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