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RG3 feels you cannot double team the Redskins in 2014

Robert Griffin III has been super excited with his new toys and he should be. With the addition of Andre Roberts and Desean Jackson the Redksins will be hard to stop. A matter of fact RG3 feels you annot double team the skins wide outs in 2014.

“They’ll make the most of their opportunities,” Griffin told NFL Media’s Deion Sanders on Friday’s edition of Inside Training Camp Live. “I’m gonna give them a chance to make plays. Pierre always tells me during the season,’Just put it up there, I’ll go get it’ and I know (DeSean) is the same way. You gotta know, Pierre got a lot of double coverage last year.

“(DeSean) got a lot of double coverage last year. So when you put them both on the same team, you can’t double cover everybody. You got Andre Roberts, Jordan Reed, Alfred Morris in the backfield. All we need to do is protect and we’ll be good.”


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