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GET TO KNOW: Anttonio Brown, DB, Virginia University of Lynchburg

antonnio brownNFL Draft Diamonds has teamed up with Joseph Muia a very solid up and coming scout, to put together a series for our readers called Get to Know. What this series will do is allow you to be a featured on our site, whether you are a freshman or a senior in college.  This is a series to help get players at any school gain exposure.  We always strive to assist players that have the passion to make it to the next level.  So we hope you enjoy our series called GET TO KNOW. Today’s Get to know series will focus on Anttonio Brown the “Glove” of Virginia Lynchburg, and we feel at NFL Draft Diamonds, you will want to know all about him.

AKA: Tonio / Brown Badger

Grade You Started Football: 6 ½ years old, 1st grade

High School: Parkdale High school (Riverdale MD.)   

Position/Positions: RB, Wr, C, S, LB

College: Virginia University of Lynchburg       

Position/Positions: FS/SS/Nickel Back

Jersey Number: 2/22

Football Mentor/Inspiration: Ray Lewis, My Mother, My Father

Favorite Slogan: Talent is what you have Effort is what you give.

Proudest Football Moment/Memory: Winning The Super Bowl with my youth football team “Watkins Hornets” (SE Washington Dc). Also being nominated for the 2011 USCAA Academic All American Team 

Funniest Football Memory: Dancing in the End zone after I scored my first touchdown ever, all because I see people dance on TV.

Favorite Food: Fried Chicken, Mac n Cheese, Broccoli with a nice Kale Salad. 

Check out Anttonio’s Highlights HERE


Football Philosophy: Football builds character and it also helps you with the game of life, which builds integrity, self-discipline that will also help you succeed because you look at things much more different.  

Game Superstitions: Praying to God Almighty for having the opportunity to play this sport. As well as listening to the Ray Lewis Madden 13 intro.

Goals/Aspirations for 2014-2015: Completing College, Graduating with Honors, and having and opportunity of playing in the National Football League

Career Goals: Graduating with my Master Degree. Also giving back to the community and change as many kids’ lives as possible where I grew up.

Favorite Football Team: Washington Redskins/ Baltimore Ravens

Player You Model Your Game After: Sean Taylor/ Ed Reed

Who Will Win The Super Bowl: Baltimore Ravens

Favorite Down Time: Coaching youth kids Baseball/Football and spending time with my family.

What Would You Want College Football Fans To Know About You: That I have a passion for the game of football, and every Saturday I play with a chip on my shoulders representing my school, family, friends, and each and every one who had a positive impact on my life. I also enjoying spending time with kids and changing their lives the same way all my coaches changed my life in my child hood and today. Playing Football is a privilege, which is something that I never took for granted because not everyone has that opportunity to play this game.  

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