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The St. Louis Rams could hold the key to the entire draft with one pick

The St. Louis Rams might be the team that holds the key to the draft, especially if when they are on the clock Teddy Bridgewater is there.  Let’s say that the Texans draft one of the following Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel, or Jadeveon Clowney.  That will leave the Rams on the clock, with the best quarterback in the entire draft.

Earlier this week the Rams front office would not say they are committed to Sam Bradford as their future quarterback. While the Rams have received pretty decent play from Bradford, let’s face it the guy is injury prone and definitely deserves some competition.  I cannot see the Rams going into the season with Kellen Clemens and Sam Bradford at the quarterback position.

If the Rams select Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville, the draft will become erratic.  Teams like Jacksonville, Minnesota, Cleveland and Arizona will become jumpy.  If they do select Bridgewater and let’s say the Texans select Manziel, there are only two decent quarterbacks remaining that have first round talent.  Jacksonville will be next and they will likely draft Blake Bortles.  From that  point you might see Cleveland draft Derek Carr or try to trade down with a team that needs a tackle.  If a team jumps up in the draft to select a player that is still remaining that is not scheduled to go in the top ten like Derek Carr, then it pushes another solid (Top Ten Talent) player down the board.

The Rams have an additional pick at 13, in which they could be able to land Khalil Mack, Eric Ebron, Mike Evans, or Taylor Lewan.  It might sound crazy, but if the Rams walked out with Bridgewater and Lewan in the first round, it would be the best draft of the decade for their team.


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