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Former Giants DE Dave Tollefson has retired

The defensive end Dave Tollefson arrived in 2007 and left after the 2011 season, meaning he played on both the Super Bowl XLII and XLVI championship teams. After spending a final season in Oakland playing for his hometown Raiders, Tollefson was out of football in 2013. Today, he announced his retirement as a Giant, the team that employed him for the bulk of his career, gave him those two Super Bowl rings – and ensured he should never again be late for an appointment.

“I wanted to make sure Tom knew and the Maras and Tisches knew how much it meant to me,” Tollefson said. “They gave me the shot. If it wasn’t for what they did for me, who knows where I’d be now. I have three kids (including his third son, who is due in April) and a wife that I love. To be able to provide for them is something that I couldn’t even imagine in my wildest dreams as far as the way we live our lives. I’m indebted to coach and the Maras and the Tisches for doing that for me.”


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