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Steelers defensive coordinator is 76 years old, but his players still have faith in him

Dick LeBeau is 76 years old and claims he wants to return in 2014, and all signs point to that happening, even if coach Mike Tomlin did not commit to retaining either coordinator this week. His players are all for him returning, especially Ryan Clark whose status is still uncertain.

“He’s still sharp, he’s able to make the calls and create the defense we need each and every week,” Clark said. “So when you have him like that, when you have the experience that he’s had, why would you kick him out of football? Why would you not want him in the building? So I think if he wants to come back, he will.”

The Steelers led the NFL in total defense in 2011 and 2012, but slipped to No. 13 this season.

He could easily pass for someone who is 20 years younger and, as Clark observed, “He’s just the same coach LeBeau. Does his push-ups, does his jogs, runs around the field, excited about work every morning. He’s still sharp.”

The Steelers have a gem on their hands, and I am sure there are a few teams that would love to have a coach like LeBeau on their sidelines.


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