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Joe Haden says he likes “A coach with an Attitude” and excited for Mike Pettine

Joe Haden is in Hawaii right now, and when he was asked about their new head coach, he said he wanted a coach with an attitude.

“I like attitude, definitely,” Haden said after Wednesday’s Pro Bowl practice.

Haden believes the Browns, with six Pro Bowl players, are a candidate for a quick turnaround in 2014. He said someone like Pettine could help get the Browns over the hump.

“A coach can help a lot,” Haden said. “I think he is going to bring a mentality. A lot of teams take after their coach. Like the Steelers and (Mike) Tomlin. The way that he coaches is the way they go out there and play. So I think definitely the coach sets the frame for what the team looks like.”

Pettine  has worked with Darrelle Revis in the past, and Joe Haden commented on that:

“That means he knows what a good corner is supposed to look like and I hope I can give him exactly what he wants,” Haden said. “I just can’t wait to talk to him and see what approach he wants to take with me.”


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