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Pittsburgh Steelers could fix their offensive woes with Hakeem Nicks

Next year one free agent that will be available is Hakeem Nicks. Nicks is a very solid wide receiver and could come in and really help a team out.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have had to rely on Antonio Brown quite a bit. If the Steelers do not want teams to focus on the film and shut him down they are going to need to bring in a wide out.

Hakeem Nicks is a player that will force a defense to play man to man. With Brown, Nicks, Cotchery (who is getting older) it could really make a team thin on the outside.

Big Ben could tear up a team in the middle of the field and utilizing the screen. I think Nicks fits the Steelers mold at wide out, and could be had with a reasonable offer after his off year.


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