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Packers still have hope, Chicago is getting blown out right now

The Green Bay Packers still have life.  Yes, even after today’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers the Packers can still control their destiny.  The Packers needed the Chicago Bears to lose tonight against Philly, to give them hope for one more game.  The Packers will face the Bears next week, and with it in the fourth quarter, this game tonight is over.  Tramon Williams and Coach McCarthy were both asked about the chances and they both were hoping for a miracle.

“Only thing you know now is that the chance is still there,” Packers cornerback Tramon Williams said. “And with that chance still there right now, you can’t dwell on this right now. Obviously, by the end of the night you’re going to know what the situation is. But we can’t dwell on it right now. Only thing we can do is hope for the best, and obviously right now we hope Philly wins.”

That would set up an NFC North title game between the Packers and Bears next Sunday at Soldier Field.

“I’m not into drama,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said. “We wanted to control our own destiny, we let that opportunity out of our hands, and we have to sit and hope Philadelphia beats the Bears. It’s the reality of where we are in our season. We’re kind of a peak-and-valley football team, that’s the way our season’s gone, we’ve had a lot of challenges come our way. Good Lord willing, maybe the ball will bounce our way tonight.”

Who knows, Aaron Rodgers could return next week and knock the Bears out of the playoffs.  Try saying that would not be a sweet moral victory.


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