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Leslie Frazier tells his players to focus on football, not his job as the head coach.

The coach acknowledged Tuesday he felt the speculation about his job status served as a distraction in the days leading up to Minnesota’s 42-14 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

“I thought about that a week ago because there were some reports out there and I didn’t really talk to our guys about it, but this morning in our team meeting I felt like I needed to address it with our players,” Frazier said Tuesday during a conference call, according to The Detroit News. “I want them to just concentrate on their jobs, not to be worried about the coach or what’s going on with me. They need to concentrate on this game, this game plan and not let that become a distraction.”

“I felt like last week when I didn’t address it, it did become a distraction, and I don’t want it to be.”

It looks right now as if Leslie Frazier is about as good as gone as the head coach in Minnesota.  The only bad thing is Frazier seems like a bright guy, he just couldn’t get the players around him to really shine.  While it is going to be tough for some guys, expect major changes in Minnesota next season.


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