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Jason Avant says there are no shutdown corners, but he is a horrible wide receiver

Jason Avant talked trash about Patrick Peterson last week saying there are no shutdown cornerbacks in the NFL.

“There’s no shutdown corners in this league,” Avant said, per CSN Philly. “That’s just the honest truth. There are very, very, very good players and (Peterson’s) a very, very good player and that’s just what you have. But in this league, with all of the rules and all of the things that that can transpire when the quarterback is accurate, there is no one that can literally be lock down. He’s in the top two or three best, but there’s still no lockdown (corner).”

Well that would be something if it was Calvin Johnson, AJ Green, or Roddy White saying something. Well it wasn’t any of them, instead it was Jason Avant. The number 4 receiver on the Eagles. If I were in the Eagles locker room, I would keep Jason out of the media. He obviously is no smarter than Riley Cooper.


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