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Browns could start Caleb Hanie this week against the Patriots

Poor Rob Chidzinski, the guy has been put in the worst situation ever as a head coach. Every week his quarterback gets injured, and when the media talked to him about the starter this week Chud still seemed confused.

Rob Chudzinski said that “all options” remain on the table.

The starter could be one of four players: Jason Campbell, Brandon Weeden, Alex Tanney and Caleb Hanie.

Campbell and Weeden are recovering from concussions and have been cleared for activity, but not to practice. That leaves Tanney and Hanie to share first-team reps in practice today. Tanney was signed eight days ago, Hanie on Tuesday.

“One week you’re having Thanksgiving dinner with your family, the next you’re playing for the Cleveland Browns,” Hanie said.

Hanie couldn’t even say how things might go for him. “It’s my first practice in a few months,” he said.

Tanney and Hanie both talked confidently, of course. What else could do they do? Looking back nobody expected a lot from Brian Hoyer when he started, but he had the advantage of a training camp with the team.


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