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Who do you blame in Miami? Jonathan Martin? Richie Incognito? Dolphins Staff? Veterans?

This last week of NFL football and the situation happening down in Miami has really made me think of a lot of situations. Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito have kind of a love affair going on right now. While I’m not calling anybody’s sexuality or anything for that matter, it honestly feels like a man and a woman fighting about something irrelevant.

When you look at offense of lineman and when you look at offense of tackles. The main thing you want to see an offense of tackle is someone with anger streak, someone who is aggressive, someone who is going to keep your quarterback standing up. Jonathan Martin has always been very timid, kind of nerdy. He is athletic and very smart. He was not that great in Miami though at protecting his quarterback. Maybe he was seen as the broken link in the offense of line. Well one thing is for sure if you’re not holding up your end, you can bet Richie is going to say something.

I know Richie Incognito has a strange attitude, but there is definitely more to it .

It hurts me first because Jonathan Martin was able to tell on Richie Incognito to the media, but he failed to tell anybody of the team or any veterans what was going on. That is mistake number one. Failing to follow chain of command. Minus one in my opinion for Jonathan Martin.

Yesterday both Cam Wake and Mike Wallace stated in an interview that they had no clue what was going on the locker room, they didn’t feel that anybody was being bullied around they didn’t feel that Richie Incognito was a bully or a bad guy in fact they actually wanted him back on the team and they were hoping that they would get him back.

In Joe Philbin the head coaches interview yesterday he came out and said no one knew what was going on. Not the offensive line coach, the offense coordinator, nor himself. He stated no one had heard anything from Jonathan Martin. Philbin went on to say he called J-Mart on the telephone when he was in the mental ward or in the hospital and Jonathan Martin never told him anything that was going on with Richie.

That is where I have a problem. My problem is this is supposed to be a team oriented facility. These players pick on each other all the time in these locker rooms but what’s goes on in the locker rooms is supposed to stay and those locker rooms. If Jonathan Martin went to the media and gave Adam Shefter and ESPN these reports to say that Richie incognito did all these bad things it sounds like it was a set up/scam to make money. More like a workplace violence setting to where you can make a lot of money in a lawsuit.

Maybe Jonathan Martin realized that he couldn’t make it as a NFL tackle? Or he’s too soft as NFL tackle? Instead of playing a game that people would die for he is going to turn this whole situation into a bigger issue, A LAWSUIT.

Could this Stanford grad be upset with his lover? Or does he have a plan to make money off of this lawsuit because he is soft and now a Rat too? Or is it the case of bullying?

The story is mind-boggling and I know there’s some more to it but deep down inside I feel someone dropped the ball.

Maybe there is a love affair going on or Jonathan Martin’s trying to come up to to make money somehow or Richie incognito is in fact a prick? We don’t know, but those are the only three options that I think are possible this point. Maybe I’m wrong but I just cannot see how this is going to turn out, good.

If I was the owner, I would fire GM Jeff Ireland and cut both Incognito and Martin. I would go to the team meetings and tell them if they have a problem with bullying tell your coaches not the media. I would tell them the next person to tell personal (Dolphins) business in the media and not through the chain of command will be cut.

Honestly, neither of those three should be allowed in the NFL. Punish them all, that will work the best.


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