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Three very underrated 2014 Draft Prospects at the FBS level

I watch very little FBS football, because my main focus is on the small school football players, but when doing so I always run into sleepers. I have found three FBS players that have really grown on me. They are underrated and I feel all will be very successful at the next level.

My first player is Cody Hoffman, the wide receiver from BYU. I feel he is honestly a top 5 wide receiver prospect in the draft. I have watched a couple games of him this year and this kid impresses me. I love his big play ability and can imagine this kid tearing it up at the next level. He is special folks, he uses his body well, catches with his hands and is very hard to cover man to man.

My next player leads the NFL in tackles, but is not gaining any ground in the rankings. Keith Smith from San Jose State is special. Last year, I talked heavily about a linebacker named Kiko Alonso because of his motor. Keith Smith is the same way, he reads plays well and is very disruptive. I have him in my top 5 inside backers. He is a freak of nature on the field , I love his play.

Lastly, Nikita Whitlock of Wake Forest is a machine. He is very undersized, but he gets to the quarterback and applies pressure. He has been doing it for years. Whitlock is a very solid defender. Some team will get an undersized pass rusher that can make plays.

One player I left off, but a person I love is Kenny Shaw of Florida State. He is a very good player. He always makes a play when the team needs it, whether it is a reception or a punt/kick return.


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