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Ravens former LB Ray Lewis says Mike Tomlin ran onto the field intentionally

Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis weighed in on the controversy from Thursday night, when Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin stepped on the field and interfered with Jacoby Jones’ 73-yard kickoff return.

“You clearly saw he done it intentionally and that’s why the smile came afterward,” Lewis told Mike and Mike In the Morning. I don’t know where the humor is in that in full competition when somebody is running full speed like that. If he finds humor in it, I guess there is something he must know that we don’t know. When you look at the way the defense is playing right now and if you can get Joe [Flacco] to keep being consistent the way he is with the deep ball, I’m telling you they’re probably one of the scariest teams in the AFC to run the table,” Lewis said.

I think the NFL does need to step up and take action.  Tomlin should be fined for that action, if the Ravens would have been fired up if they did lose.


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