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Packers will rely heavily on Eddie Lacy with Aaron Rodgers injured

Running backs coach Alex Van Pelt maintained that the 5-foot-10, 205-pound fourth-rounder Jonathan Franklin was a different back than both Eddie Lacy and James Starks, but he promised that he would be getting carries again soon.

“Obviously he’s quite different than the other two, size-wise, quickness, ability to make guys miss,” Van Pelt said. “Things like that that he brings to the table. I’ll still say we’ll see him before the year is out.”

Van Pelt assured that fumbles have nothing to do with Franklin’s absence from the offense. He pointed to the number of plays Green Bay has had. The Packers never established rhythm at running back with only six first-quarter plays at New York.

Ideally, “if you can do the perfect math,” Van Pelt said, Lacy would handle 20 carries, Starks five and Franklin five. It depends on the situation. If the game is on the line, Lacy “will be the one carrying the ball.”

If you have Eddie Lacy continue to play him, he is going to get great yards when he does get his carries.  If the team can get him the ball earlier in the game they will have a better shot to win.


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