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Greed is why Victor Cruz has not danced in the end zone in 6 weeks

Victor Cruz started off the season with three touchdown receptions against the Dallas Cowboys.  He looked like he was going to live up to that huge contract he signed in the offseason.  The small schooler who should have been excited to be in the NFL, turned his tone of voice and began listening to the fans and the little “Bad” Victor Cruz on his left shoulder that was telling him get that MONEY.

Well after week one Victor Cruz has only Salsa Danced 1 time in the endzone.  He has fell off in production, and I know why.  The major reason that Victor Cruz has fell off because he thought he was bigger than the game.  The bigger powers are now bringing him back down to reality.

I am the biggest advocate of small schoolers and I loved Victor Cruz and his production, he was a great story.  Over the years though, commercial after commercial that his former agent was able to land him on, his head began swelling up.  He continued to be showcased on television, and really became a huge icon, especially in Puerto Rico.  His head continued to get big, and he forgot where he came from.

This happens all the time in the NFL, and to be honest it hurts me, because it never works out well for the players.  Some call it “Karma”, I call it greed. They were able to get the NFL because they had to put their head down and grind every day.  He is a perfect example of somebody that worked extremely hard, and it showed. Especially when you take into fact that he was not even the best wide receiver at UMass when he was there.  So he had to believe in his craft.  He did that and executed big play after big play for the G-Men.

Last year, he told his agent that he wanted 11 million dollars a year.  He would not take less than 11 million dollars, when his agent told him that is quite a bit, he fired him. He hired Jay Z and company who promised him he would get big time money from the contract.  Well that didn’t happen folks, instead he burned a bridge with a very good person to sell himself for less.  Since his contract with his new agent and so-called “BIG TIME AGENT”, he has not been on commercials, he has fallen off on the football field, and he is struggling with injuries on the field.

Victor listen to me, I think he is trying to send you a message.  You are not bigger than the game, you need the game and to be honest the game does need you.  You just need to be brought back down to earth.  When this happens, Victor Cruz will be dancing his way to the top again.


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