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Tom Coughlin calls out Eli Manning, Is it time to bench him?

This could be the worse season ever for the New York Giants if they keep going the way they are.  Right now the Giants are 0-5 and while usually the head coach would be on the hot-seat, it seems that Coughlin is even pointing his finger now.

Tom Coughlin called out Eli Manning, whose three interceptions in the fourth quarter could be one of the lasting images from the season.

“I honestly believe that he’s trying so hard to get us a win, he’s almost put too much on himself,” Coughlin said. “He keeps it all pretty much inside. I’m not making excuses. There were a couple of those plays that were terrible.”

Manning knows he can play better, but could this be the year that one Manning goes undefeated and one Manning loses every game?


My question is when is it time for Ryan Nassib?  I mean the Giants did draft him, if you are going to keep losing, why not get him some experience.  Shoot can it get any worse?


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