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The Dallas Cowboys bench their former 1st rounder Morris Claiborne

According to ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth Morris Claiborne has been benched in place for Orlando Scanbrick. In Sunday’s loss to the San Diego Chargers, an unofficial count had Claiborne allowing four receptions for 84 yards. The four times he was targeted in what was thought to be man coverage, were all completed passes.

It seems Claiborne is playing with a lack of confidence and is struggling with his techniques when he faces receivers in tight coverage.

“I think it’s probably a combination,” Garrett said. “Technically, you go back at each of the completions against him and you say, ‘Hey, you should do this. You should do that.’ But I also think confidence, playing that position, is critical. And usually those two things work hand in hand. When you’re playing technically sound and you have ability, you tend to have more and more confidence because you’re in the right place. They went to him too much in this ballgame, and they were too effective. He’s just got to play better, and he will play better.”

I remember when the Cowboys moved up to get Claiborne, he had all the confidence in the world.  They need to get him more reps, because when this kid feels comfortable, he will be special.


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