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Steve Smith says referee was “Garbage”

Steve Smith just moved up my all tine favorite list. This rant was the best in a while.

“I got a (pass interference) penalty, which is very interesting,” Smith said Monday, via The Charlotte Observer. “I got leg-humped and hugged a few times. Being a pretty good flag football player, I think I got my flag pulled on my jersey a few times. I would say pretty much, I take that one on the chin and just say it was me. I’ve got to play better.”

Smith went on to talk trash about a play made by Patrick Peterson that was clearly a pass interference.

“It was pass interference in Mexico, Europe, rugby — in pretty much every other sport but in Arizona yesterday,” Smith said. “But then when I pushed off, it was pass interference.”

Smith clearly doesn’t care if his comments draw a fine from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

“To be honest, I make enough money where if Roger wants to fine me, he can,” Smith said. “But I really think that referee probably was the sorriest referee that I have ever met.”

“When I dove for the first down (and) he was standing right there, he didn’t even acknowledge — he received a check that day and I hope he feels good. He was terrible. He was garbage.”

I feel bad for Dan Ferrell the ref, but that rant was amazing.


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