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Matthew Stafford is aiming to knock of his childhood team the Dallas Cowboys

Matthew Stafford grew up rooting for his hometown Dallas Cowboys and looked up the legendary Troy Aikman. He use to collect Dallas Cowboys cards and even dressed up as a Cowboy for a Halloween back in the day.

“That’s what everybody did. It was Dallas,” Stafford recalled. “They were winning Super Bowls.”

He will now face the 4-3 Dallas Cowboys and hope to knock them down and out. Stafford went on to say that it would be a huge win for him, because all of his own family and friends are saying they hope he has a great game but the Lions fall short to the hometown Cowboys.

“They want me to have a really good game and lose it in the end,” he said

Both Kevin Ogletree and Stafford are looking forward to facing the Cowboys, but will it be enough to beat the banged up Boys?


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