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Former QB Roger Staubach says Tony Romo’s performance was a masterpiece

Roger Staubach knows a thing or two about the quarterback position. Staubach was at the Broncos game this week and is upset that people are criticizing the Cowboys current QB Tony Romo.

“He played one of the most sensational games I’ve ever seen,” Staubach said. “It makes no sense. Those people who blame him, I don’t know, they ought to take a look at their lives. I’ve been a quarterback and I know this guy is playing great football. Seeing critics blame these tough losses, especially this game, on him sends a message to me that some people will never cut him a break. I can’t believe it. I mean, there were 48 points created by the offense against a good team. The defense gave up 51 points. It makes no sense. This was one of the greatest performances by a quarterback in Cowboys history.”

The Hall of Famer was asked if he believes Romo is an elite quarterback in Dallas history.

“I’ve watched him play and know what he does out there,” Staubach said. “As a former quarterback, I can tell you we’re lucky to have him. He’s an outstanding NFL quarterback. It’s not just the statistics. His instincts are really good.”

I have to agree with the old man, he was impressive this week. People need to stop harassing Romo the guy has guts.


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