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Dolphins have lost 2 in a row and it is because of their offensive line

The Miami Dolphins lost a game in which they should have won.  Their offensive line began to unravel in the second half. Poor Ryan Tannehill has now been sacked 24 times in just 5 games.  That is crazy, and will not let him finish the season if they keep it up.

The line was so bad that the Phins had to abandon it yesterday and rely on Tannehill when he could stand in the pocket.  Yesterday Tannehill threw 40 passes, which is quite a bit to ask from a 2nd year player.

Miami’s Offensive Line is responsible for the abandonment and Jonathan Martin the tackle weighed in:

“We’ve got to keep fighting,” Martin said. “It’s a long season. We’ve got a lot of ballgames to be played and we’ve got time to turn it around. But it is a concerning trend so far and something that we need to get corrected now.

If the Dolphins cannot turn it around, they are in big trouble, because they face Buffalo and Mike Pettine’s new blitzing defense on October 20th.  This could get interesting for Tannehill.  They might continue to plummet.


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