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Dan’s Week 5 NFL Power Rankings

1.              Denver Broncos

The Broncos have been absolutely devastating on offense while getting better on defense every week.


2.             Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks defense bailed out the team in a close one versus the Texans. They test their luck against the revamped Colts.


3.             New England Patriots

The Patriots are hitting their stride with Brady clicking with Thompkins and the Pats’ secondary finally putting things together. Add the fact that Gronkowski and Amendola could be coming back and the Patriots could get dangerous.


4.             Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs continued their defensive dominance against the lowly Giants, but their offense gave up a turnover for the first time this season.


5.             New Orleans Saints

The Saints came away with a big win Monday night. The Saints push their turnover margin to +5 after forcing 4 turnovers against the Dolphins.


6.           Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins lost the game of inches Monday night; triple covered Graham, near pick 6, and an early failed conversion in the redzone.


7.             Indianapolis Colts

A win against the Jaguars is not worth all that much these days. The true test comes against Seattle.


8.             Tennessee Titans

Even with the loss of Locker, the Titans defense caused problems for Geno Smith and the Jets all Sunday.


9.             Chicago Bears

The Bears played a sloppy game against the Lions where the loss of Henry Melton was felt.

10.           Detroit Lions

Coming into Sunday, the Lions’ only two victories were against winless teams. The Lions also turned the ball over 5 times Sunday.


11.            Green Bay Packers

The Packers are a better team than their record states. Hopefully they remembered where they parked their run game before their bye week.


12.           Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens got torched on the ground for 203 yards by the Bills’ running backs, while only rushing for 24 of their own.


13.            San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers bounced back from back-to-back losses against the Rams, a team who hasn’t rushed for more than 70 yards in any game this season.


14.            Houston Texans

The Texans’ luck finally ran out after close wins against the Chargers and Titans. They have to improve on their -4 turnover margin.


15.            San Diego Chargers

Phillip Rivers is having a great start to the season. Hopefully he can keep it up in a division game next week versus Oakland.


16.            Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have wins over the Giants and Rams. Next week against Denver will be a true litmus test.


17.            Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons need to get consistent in their run game if they have hopes of getting Tony Gonzalez to the playoffs this year.


18.            Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals won ugly against Green Bay, then lost ugly against Cleveland. Something is not clicking in the Bengals’ offense.


19.            Carolina Panthers

Let’s see if Carolina can carry their dominance in their game against Arizona.


20.            Buffalo Bills

The Bills are one of the best running teams in the league. It will be tested against a stifling Browns rush defense.


21.            Cleveland Browns

The Browns continue their march away from Teddy Bridgewater in a well evened match against the Bills next week.


22.            New York Jets

The Jets finally gave their fans a performance they expected from a rookie quarterback.


23.            Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals scored all of the points in the 4th quarter against the Bucs and had a lot of help from the rookie quarterback, Glennon.


24.            Minnesota Vikings

Who knew that all it took for the Vikings offense to click was a little bit of Matt Cassel?


25.           Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles continue to run all over opponents, but can’t come away with the points to win games.


26.            Washington Redskins

The Redskins defense was finally able to win them a game. Too bad RG3 still isn’t performing up to par.


27.            St. Louis Rams

The Rams are getting progressively worse in being able to run the ball, as well as defending it. Jacksonville may provide a chance to find themselves on offense.

28.            Oakland Raiders

The loss of Pryor was devastating since they have no offensive line to pass block for the considerably less mobile Matt Flynn, or is Matt McGloin in the works for a start?


29.             Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With Mike Glennon starting at quarterback, the Buc’s fan base may be able to comprehend their losing ways, but either way, it does not bode well for Doug Martin.


30.             Pittsburgh Steelers

The return of Le’Veon Bell and Heath Miller really helped Big Ben cope with getting hit on virtually every play.


31.              New York Giants

The Giants can’t tackle, can’t hold on to the ball, and can’t rush the football. But we’re supposed to believe they can run the table?


32.             Jacksonville Jaguars

No one is happier to see the Jags suffer this bad than Rod Marinelli.


–Daniel Jonsson–


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