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Can “Shady” McCoy rush for 2,000 yards this year?

There have only been 7 people all time to rush for 2000 yards. Those players have all had pretty tremendous careers, but my question is Can Shady hit 2k?

Right now after 4 games, LeSean McCoy has 76 rushing attempts for 468 yards.  If you figure that out for 16 games, McCoy would fall short of 2,000 but he would be rather close.

When players get to 2,000 they are not really going far over 2,000.  If you look at the stats, only one person has 2,100 plus yards and that is Eric Dickerson.

The others and their totals are:

OJ Simpson – 2003 yards in 14 games

Eric Dickerson – 2105 yards in 16 games

Barry Sanders – 2053 yards in 16 games

Terrell Davis – 2008 yards in 16 games

Jamal Lewis – 2066 yards in 16 games

Chris Johnson – 2006 yards in 16 games

Adrian Peterson – 2097 yards in 16 games

I personally think that Chip Kelly can get Shady over 2000, but they will have to continue to feed him the rock. If he stays healthy he will have the best shot in the NFL to get it in 2013.


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