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Man involved in Kentucky football players murder arrested on assault charges

Shane Ragland, a man who was involved in a high-profile murder case that was featured on "Dateline
Shane Ragland was arrested again this time on assault charges

Trent DiGiuro was a standout football player at the University of Kentucky and had just earned a starting spot when he was shot and killed at a house party. The rising star was killed and his case went unsolved for five years before a lady came forward and said her boyfriend mentioned killing Trent.

As the investigation unfolded, all eyes turned to Shane Ragland. Despite maintaining his innocence, circumstantial evidence seemed to point in his direction. The town became divided, torn between those who believed in Shane’s character and those who demanded justice for Trent.

The trial was a spectacle, gripping the attention of the entire state. Witnesses took the stand, recounting the events of that night with vivid detail. The prosecution painted Shane as a jealous rival driven by anger and resentment, while the defense argued passionately for his innocence, citing lack of conclusive evidence.

In the end, Ragland was found guilty of intentional murder and sentenced to 30 years in prison. But several years later, his conviction was overturned, and he pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter instead, serving up to five years in prison.

Ragland is in the news again, after he was arrested on charges including assault after a warrant was issued for his arrest on Tuesday following a domestic incident with his mother.

According to an arrest warrant from Franklin County District Court, Ragland was arrested after police said he assaulted and threatened to kill his mother at her home on June 15 at around 5:00 p.m.

Ragland’s mother, Kathy Moore, told them that Ragland “ran over her with his motorized wheelchair and hit her with his arms and hands.”

Ragland was arrested and charged with “Assault, 4th Degree (Domestic Violence) Minor Injury” and “Terroristic Threatening, 3rd Degree,” the warrant listed.


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