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NFL teams should select two quarterbacks in every Draft, either Draft or as a UDFA

NFL teams should select two quarterbacks in every Draft, either Draft or as a UDFA
NFL teams should select two quarterbacks in every Draft, either Draft or as a UDFA

Every year we have a quarterback who went undrafted or a quarterback who was selected later in the draft who comes in and makes a difference. This year alone, we watched the Bears and Tyson Bagent come in and play well, and in New York, we had the Devito Fever when Tommy Devito led the Giants to several wins. I think the NFL Draft is crucial for a team to bring in more than one guy every year even if they have a franchise guy. Having a backup quarterback is key too!

Look at Joe Flacco this year, if the Browns do not sign him late do they even make the playoffs? They were not going to win with DTR as their quarterback, so it is super important to be on the lookout for a quarterback at all times. Taking multiple quarterbacks in every NFL draft can be beneficial for teams for several reasons, let’s look at some of the benefits.

Increasing the Odds of Finding a Franchise Quarterback

The quarterback position is the most critical in football, and finding a franchise quarterback can be elusive. By signing/drafting multiple quarterbacks, teams increase their chances of finding that elusive franchise player who can lead the team for years to come. Look back at the Redkins when they selected RG3 and Kirk Cousins in the same draft. Cousins is still playing in the NFL and is considered a franchise QB for the Vikings.

Depth and Competition

Having multiple quarterbacks on the roster creates depth at the position and fosters healthy competition. Competition can bring out the best in players, pushing them to improve and perform at a higher level. Additionally, having depth at quarterback helps protect against injuries, ensuring that the team has capable replacements if the starter goes down.

Developmental Opportunities

Not every quarterback drafted will be ready to start immediately. By selecting multiple quarterbacks, teams can invest in developmental prospects who may need time to refine their skills and adjust to the NFL game. This approach allows teams to groom potential future starters while also having immediate options available. Look at Brock Purdy, he was the last pick taken in the NFL Draft and has franchise quarterback written all over him.

Trade Assets

Quarterbacks are among the most valuable commodities in the NFL, and having multiple quarterbacks on the roster can provide trade leverage. Teams that draft quarterbacks may find themselves with surplus talent at the position, which can be used as trade bait to acquire other valuable assets, such as draft picks or impact players at positions of need.

Insurance Policy

Quarterback play is inherently unpredictable, and injuries or performance declines can occur unexpectedly. By taking multiple quarterbacks in every draft, teams can hedge against these risks and ensure that they have contingency plans in place. This strategy provides insurance against unforeseen circumstances and helps maintain stability at the quarterback position.

While taking multiple quarterbacks in every NFL draft may not guarantee success, it can provide teams with strategic advantages and opportunities to bolster the most important position on the field. By increasing their options and flexibility at quarterback, teams position themselves for long-term success and stability. Do you agree, let us know what you think!


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