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Exploring the Link Between NFL Fans and Online Casinos 

Exploring the Link Between NFL Fans and Online Casinos 

The NFL has always been hugely popular and, while it’s an exclusively American competition, it’s one that attracts a global audience. Millions of fans have watched games in person or tuned in to catch the coverage from live broadcasters.

In more recent years, sports wagering and online casino play have become accessible to Americans, and NFL followers are among the most loyal and dedicated players.

The Pivotal Year

In 2018, the US Supreme Court overturned a previous PASPA ruling that had effectively outlawed sports wagering across the country. Prior to that date, US citizens’ only options were to attend one of the few physical casinos that were available in certain states.

Suddenly, the landscape opened up, and a host of online sportsbooks were quickly established. Many of those bookmakers also had a casino platform, which was also made available to US customers.

Suddenly, from having no online casino options, those states that opened their doors gave customers everything they wanted. There were classic games such as poker, blackjack and roulette, along with exciting new slots, including Starburst and Double Bubble.

In short, it was a casino revolution, but why were online casinos welcomed so enthusiastically by NFL fans?

Sporting Thrills

We primarily watch sport because of the entertainment. OK, so we all have our favourite teams, but we also tune in to catch games where we are completely neutral. Sport provides thrills and drama, and that’s exactly what we can expect from an online casino.

Casino play offers similar levels of excitement. The spin of the slot reels and the turn of a card can lead to a significant cash prize. The NFL and casino play operate in a similar fashion: Both can be slow burners but can explode in one moment of high drama.

Natural Progression

There’s also an element of sports wagering leading into casino play as a natural form of progression. Many NFL fans found that the sport was even more exciting when they placed a small wager on the game.

From 2018 onwards, those in certain states across the USA were free to wage at legalized sportsbooks. In places such as the UK, sports wagering online had been accessible since the dawn of the internet.

Having signed up at their new sportsbook, NFL fans found that the operator would usually have an online casino attached. With offers and promotions, and maybe some free spins available, it’s logical for curious sports wagers to see what the casino is all about.

Casino Hosts

The Super Bowl is the biggest game in the NFL and it’s a night where the best two teams in the league battle it out for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Across America and beyond, this has become a major social occasion, and it’s led to a phenomenon known as the Super Bowl party.

Football fans across the world make a big deal out of the Super Bowl. Some will host their own gatherings while many others will head out to bars and clubs that have set up organized parties.

Physical casinos also have Super Bowl parties with big screens in place to watch the game. They are popular occasions and will also benefit the casino whose slots and tables are fully open.

Those who aren’t heading out for the evening will often play poker games in the build up to the first play. However you decide to celebrate the Super Bowl, casino games are never far away.

A Super Bowl party is something that online casinos cannot match, but digital sites can also enjoy the increased interest in slots and table games that arises. Online operators may also list a series of offers and promotions around Super Bowl time, and that’s another way in reach they strengthen that link with the NFL.

Keeping the Theme

Some online slot games take their theme from the sporting world. Many team sports are involved in the crossover and the NFL is no exception.

By offering their endorsement to slots, the NFL isn’t unique, but this is another way in which the League strengthens its bond with online casinos.

Fans across many sports like to play at online casinos. While they may seem like two completely different disciplines, there are clear similarities between them. Both are thrilling practiseswith drama and entertainment all the way, while there will always be winners and those who aren’t always as successful.

The NFL has a particular link to casino play, and much of that is down to the Super Bowl. It’s the biggest game of the season, and one of the most important sporting occasions of all. It’s a time when online sportsbooks and casinos are at their busiest as they look to tailor offers and promotions to the big game.

They will continue to thrive as separate entities, but the NFL and online casino play will always have that unbreakable bond.

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