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Pittman’s Pocket : Can HBCU’s duplicate recruiting success?

On this week of PIttman's Pocket, Brian Pittman breaks down five incoming freshman we need to keep an eye!
Pittman’s Pocket : Can HBCU duplicate recruiting success?

Now that college Juniors are eligible to go to college All Star games, it changes things a bit for the HBCU football players. We have so many questions regarding the HBCU, like can a Junior College Prospect make the type of impact a Cordarrelle Patterson who went to Hutchinson CC duplicated success very fast at the University of Tennessee in one year.

Or, will there be another Cam Newton who also made that jump from Blinn CC to Auburn, eventually to the NFL?

The HBCU success is needed right now, with so many options for players to continue their professional careers. With the HBCU All-Star event it is important for the players to be evaluated by the NFL, CFL, USFL and XFL teams.

JUCO players should be the one place that HBCU football teams focus on with so many guys in the portal getting tons of money. It makes a ton of sense for schools to target JUCO’s more than players in the portal because they will want the opportunity more than the money.

Can HBCU coaches attract and develop JUCO Prospects that fast within one year?

This is going to be the question that we really need to find out, because JUCO prospects are most of the time at the school because their grades were not great at the high school level or there was not much interest. So once the players get their grades up can the JUCO grads end up with better players?

Can NFL scouts truly evaluate HBCU prospects before they can graduate?

I think we know the answer to this, and I would say yes. We know that if you play college football they will find you. It may take you going through another league before they jump on a player but the scouts do a great job at finding talent.

Brian Pittman

Worked as a Scout and volunteer for the East n West Shriners game in 2016-2017. Also attended the Hula bowl and Tropical Bowl games. 2022 Also was a independent Agent and Scout at the CGS bowl game in 2021. Worked All star games like the EPS All-Americans game in 2017.

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