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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Colton Adams, LB, Alabama State

Colton Adams is the star LB for Alabama State who's a great run defender. Hula Bowl scout Scoop Reed breaks down Adams as an NFL Prospect in his report.
Colton Adams is the star LB for Alabama State who’s a great run defender. Hula Bowl scout Scoop Reed breaks down Adams as an NFL Prospect in his report.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Colton Adams #1
School (Code)Alabama State (ALST)
Class Yr5th year Sophomore
Height, Weight6010, 244 lbs.
Position/DepthLB/ 1st
Honors/Captainship2022-First Team All SWAC, First Team All American
Season Viewed (yr)2022
Games WatchedARPB, FLBC, ALAM, 
Scout Name / DateScoop Reed, 9/14/2023

Per Year Stats:  17 Games Played (Most Recent First)

2022GP: 11, tackles: 128, tfl: 12, sacks: 2
2021GP: 11, tackles: 128, TFL: 12, sacks: 2
2019GP: 4

Player Summary:

Colton Adams is an inside linebacker at Alabama State with limited experience due to a long injury history. His true freshman season (2019) was shortened due to a nagging injury suffered during training camp. He sat out all of the 2020 season due to covid. Adams played two games in 2021 before he would fall to injury again.  In 2022, he would put together a full season with elite production playing 11 games, 128 tackles, 12 TFL, and 2 sacks. Adams is an average athlete with rare playing speed, playing strength, and explosion that is seen in a variety of phases on the football field. He has rare toughness, agility, and twitch that is shown at the POA when pursuing football and tackling. Adams’ weakest trait is his size. At 6010 244 lbs, he is well below the size of draft prospects. Adams has a rare ability to read and react to a play, this makes him hard to block. His average range and speed have a lot to do with his size but he makes up for it with his rare lateral quickness and his ability to stay square to the LOS. Adams is a rare football player versus the run. He plays well with his hands at the LOS and is able to shock blockers and win the down.  He has elite effort when pursuing football and is violent at the POA when tackling. He has a rare ability to tackle whether in the “box” or in space. Versus the pass, Adams’ average athletic ability makes him average in man coverage. He lacks the hip mobility and foot speed to cover space. His zone coverage is rare. He understands route concepts, how to drop to them, and tackle the ball carrier once the football is caught. He is a rare threat in the defense’s blitz game. He plays with rare anticipation and speed, and he is able to finish the play.  

Scheme Fit:

Schemes that value undersized but good football players that play fast and can tackle. (Jets, Commanders, Bills, 49ers)

Power Statement:

Colton Adams is an undersized yet rare linebacker talent.  His ability to read and react to offenses and tackle makes him a rising prospect.  He will have to show that he can play against bigger and faster linemen.

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