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9 NFL Records That May Never Be Broken

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Tom Brady, the quarterback legend, has thrown an unbelievable 581 touchdown passes.

The NFL is a league of exceptional talents and fierce competition. Over the last couple of years, some NFL players have earned a place in the Hall of Fame, pulling off impressive records that are worth mentioning.

While the NFL has evolved in different ways, it’s unlikely that these records will be touched in the coming years.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 9 NFL records that remain standing. As a bettor, you can win a huge ton of cash at online bookies if you’re able to predict any of these rare unbreakable records. Sites like offer a variety of sportsbooks where you can find diverse NFL betting options like this. Now, let’s dive right to the full details. 

1. Jerry Rice’s Unbelievable Receiving Yards

Jerry Rice, a former wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers, holds a record that feels nearly impossible to surpass. He managed to accumulate a mind-boggling 22,895 receiving yards during his illustrious career. That’s like running across more than 130 football fields! With the modern game’s focus on diverse offensive strategies, it’s tough to imagine anyone catching up to this incredible feat.

2. Emmitt Smith’s Untouchable Rushing Yards

Emmitt Smith is one of the most impressive running backs of all time. He achieved most of his feats at the peak of his career when he was a running back for the Dallas Cowboys. During his playing days, he covered a staggering 18,355 yards. This is like running from one end of a football field to the other over 200 times – that’s what Smith accomplished

3. Tom Brady’s Astounding Touchdown Passes

Tom Brady, the quarterback legend, has thrown an unbelievable 581 touchdown passes. That’s more touchdowns than most players even dream of, and Brady keeps adding to his tally. 

4. George Blanda’s Longevity

George Blanda played as a quarterback and kicker for 26 seasons, a feat almost as rare as finding a four-leaf clover. In a game where injuries and physical demands are intense, the idea of someone playing for over a quarter-century is truly remarkable. 

5. Night Train Lane’s Interceptions Record

Dick “Night Train” Lane’s record of 14 interceptions in a single season stands as unbreakable.  With today’s quarterbacks being more cautious and the game’s rules favouring passing, breaking this record seems as tricky as catching a greased pig.

6. Don Shula’s Coaching Triumphs

Don Shula’s 347 career wins as a head coach is a record that may stand forever. Coaching a winning team requires strategic brilliance, consistency, and luck – a combination that’s hard to replicate. Today, the NFL is more competitive than ever, so breaking Shula’s record could be akin to climbing a mountain without ropes.

7. LaDainian Tomlinson’s Total Touchdowns

LaDainian Tomlinson who played as a running back, shocked the world when he set a record by scoring a whopping 31 touchdowns in a single season. This feat can be described as unbelievable and impossible for any current NFL player to match or beat.

8. Johnny Unitas’ Consecutive Touchdown Passes

Johnny Unitas’ record of 47 consecutive games with a touchdown pass feels like something that would require some magic skills to pull off. From 1956 to 1960, Unitas consistently found the end zone. In today’s high-pressure defences, maintaining such consistency might be as tough as taming a wild stallion.

9. Adam Vinatieri’s Clutch Field Goals

Adam Vinatieri’s knack for making clutch field goals is legendary. With 29 game-winning field goals in the fourth quarter or overtime, he’s the NFL’s equivalent of a superhero.


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