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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Valentin Senn, OT, Connecticut

Valentin Senn is a massive mauler on the UConn offensive line who’s a good pass protector. Hula Bowl scout Ryan Jaffe breaks him down as an NFL Prospect in his report.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Valentin Senn, #71
School (Code)University of Connecticut (CTUN)
DOB, Class Yr4/23/2000, RS Junior
Height, Weight6070, 301
40 Yd DashN/A
Season Viewed (yr)2022
Games WatchedNCST, INBS
Scout Name / DateRyan Jaffe, 7/30/23

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

202213 GP
20215 GP
20201 GP

Player Summary:

5th year RS Junior who transferred from Colorado in 2021. One year starter at LT mauler w/ rare size and strength. Elite height and weight, standing with a good frame and muscle along with mass and very good arm length. Solid AA due to his lateral quickness, initial quickness, and COD. Good in pass pro on jump/quick sets due to good initial quickness and burst off the LOS out of 2 Pt stance, with good UOH, shooting early and impactful with heavy long arms. Solid on vertical sets due to good initial quickness to get into his set then displays rare arm length to engage early with oncoming rushers. Good play speed due to good lateral quickness and COD, enabling him to stymie speed rushers. Solid against power rushers, as he relies heavily on his strength, displaying adequate leverage, which leads him susceptible to stronger rushers creating knockback and getting close to the QB. Very good recovery ability when beaten due to his good COD and rare arm length accompanied w/ good upper body strength to fend off rushers while working one arm. Solid mental processing as he will pick up unblocked or extra rushers, however will leave his rusher untouched. Good run blocker especially on Zone Runs due to good lateral quickness, being able to get out in front of rushers with his long strides and long reach. Good sustainability as he displays his strength and size against smaller defenders making him hard to get around. Good ability to get to second level as he eats up ground quickly due to good initial quickness off the LOS, and can take out a smaller LB easily, with a high motor keeping his feet churning as he can erase defenders out of the play. Good finish as he displays good competitive toughness playing through the whistle. Good in screen game and in space due to good COD, making him a massive blocker against smaller DBs creates a huge mismatch.

Scheme Fit:


Power Statement:

LT with tremendous size and strength, with solid AA who can move well in the run and pass game. Major weakness is his anchor ability due to adequate leverage, which can be coached upon.

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