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How an NFL Rookie Spenders His First Paycheck

How an NFL Rookie Spenders His First Paycheck
How an NFL Rookie Spenders His First Paycheck

The National Football League or NFL is one of the most popular sporting tournaments in the world. Many young boys and girls dream to play on the field and become the star of the matches. That’s why receiving the first paycheck is a dream come true for many rookie NFL stars since they can earn money by playing something they love. Moreover, receiving their first paycheck can bring players a sense of accomplishment and financial freedom. After all, many have been practicing hard and playing in more underrated leagues for years. 

But what are the typical ways in which NFL rookies spend their first paycheck? In this article, we will discuss various things young NFL players might do after they receive their first paycheck.

Training Equipment

As they are still considered rookies in this NFL season, some players may try to improve their performance and their physique. It is not uncommon to see young players trying to look their best before a big game. Especially, if they are playing in the NFL, where people need strength and agility. And as such, the player’s first paycheck might be spent on various training equipment to enhance his or her performance. These can include:

  • Speed resistors
  • Chin Straps
  • Cleats
  • Compression Apparel

In addition to this, some of them might get a gym membership and get a personal trainer that can make their training for the NFL more effective. All in all, one of the ways NFL rookies might spend their first paycheck is by investing in themselves to be better players the next season. 

Entertainment and Gambling

It should come as no surprise that one of the first things young NFL players might do after receiving cash is going out. After all, NFL players are just regular people who would wish to spend their first paycheck enjoying themselves. Moreover, as they are avid fans of the NFL, they might also enjoy watching other international sporting tournaments and betting on their favorite sports teams in their home country. For example, there are eight Australian players that are playing this season, so an Aussie NFL players might visit their favorite bookie and place a bet. At the end of the day, they can always read the best online casino Australia reviews from experts and find the best operator for them. As the NFL players are not permitted to wager on the National Football League, that doesn’t stop them from betting on other sports like football or tennis. 

What is more, NFL players are known for their love of gambling. The fact is, they have the money to travel to the best casinos and experience the thrill of gambling. So, it shouldn’t be that surprising that many of them might want to spend their first paycheck playing their favorite  online or at a land-based casino. Likewise, many of them might try out playing classic table games like poker, or blackjack, or even enjoy playing slots until the sun comes up. 

Luxury Expenses

Probably the most popular way for NFL rookies to spend their first paycheck is by buying luxury goods. National Football League players are known for their lavish lifestyle, with some players being paid as much as $82 million for four years although being rookies. With these plentiful funds, many of them often partake in buying expensive items like sports cars, jewelry, and designer clothes. Sometimes, players might even buy something they have been saving up for years. This can be anything from a new phone to some esthetic procedures.  

Additionally, NFL players who just got paid a bigger salary will often take their families on a vacation to some exotic place. Some NFL players might even take it a step further and even buy their loved ones better homes. While it is understandable that young NFL players might want to reward themselves for their hard work, it is important to remember that money should be spent wisely in order to have a bright future. 


While there are many cases of players saving up their paychecks, like Chad Johnson who lived in the stadium for 2 years, some of them try to play it smart and start investing in various businesses. There have been many cases where young American football players invest in real estate, as a way to ensure their financial stability. Furthermore, besides real estate, NFL players are also known to invest in the stock market. Some start investing as early as their first season, in order to secure their finances. 

In addition, investments can greatly impact people’s way of managing money, which can later help them make more serious decisions and expand their profits. With the right investment choices, NFL players can use their first salary as a way to set themselves up for the future.


Rookie NFL players can’t wait to get a hold of their first paycheck – and when they do, there are numerous ways to spend it. All things considered, most of them tends to spend it either on entertainment, a life-long dream or a potential business venture. Whatever the case may be, their hard work certainly pays off.


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