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Most Overhyped and Overlooked players in this year’s draft

Most Overhyped and Overlooked players in this year's draft
Most Overhyped and Overlooked players in this year’s draft

Every draft there’s players that are overhyped and passed over simply because scouts overthink and allow the buzz to get to their talent evaluation. Weather its measurables, combine numbers or not taking into play the situation they were placed in college (for good or bad) they simply make the wrong call. Let’s go over who most likely will fit in each category that’s in this year’s draft. 

Overhyped and who will get drafted too high 

Anthony Richardson {QB – Florida} 

When you watch the highlight’s, you see him jump over people, run over and around an entire defense and has a big arm who can reach any part of the football field. What you don’t see is the missed easy throws that end drives and the inability to put touch on the ball. At times he looks lost and has the inability to read a defense. Just when you start to give up on him you see him break a long run while making multiple defenders look foolish or show off his rocket arm. Anthony Richardson is an athlete playing the Quarterback position. It’s going to take a lot of work to fix many of his issues. Many have him a top 10 pick, huge gamble. 

Darnell Washington {TE – Georgia} 

Washington is a freak of a human at the tight end position listed at 6’7 and 270 lbs. and runs pretty well for his size. The problem is he didn’t put up the production he was hyped up to do. At times he looks too slow for today’s modern Tight End. He is a beast in the run blocking game and can be used as an extra lineman but won’t put up enough in the passing game to warrant a 1stround pick in my opinion.  

Bryan Breese {DT – Clemson} 

Breese came into the 2020 class ranked the top prospect in the nation. He failed to meet expectations in his production and is injury prone. Surprisingly many scouts still can’t look past his skill set and expect him to be a late first rounder.  


Hendon Hooker {QB – Tennessee} 

Just watch the tape of the last two years & you will see one of the most accurate and consistent Quarterbacks in recent memory. He was the driving force that turned a Tennessee program from an afterthought to a National Contender. Over the past two years he has amassed over 58 TD’s to only 5 interceptions. Talk about efficient. If you watch film, you will see a guy who goes through his progressions, makes the right read and puts the ball where it needs to be. Most mocks have Hooker as a day 2 prospect but he’s surely going to make a lot of team’s regret passing up on him. 

Dalton Kincaid {TE – Utah} 

It seems like every year a future pro bowl level tight end falls to the later rounds that leaves many scratching my head. I see that being the case in Dalton Kincaid out of Utah. If you watch the Utes games this year, it seemed like he always found a way to get open for his quarterback when needed. Kincaid has good measurables and has been consistently good for the Utes. If he falls to day 3 of the draft someone is getting a steal. 

Keelee Ringo {CB – Georgia} 

Ringo was a key staple on the best defense in college football over the last two years helping them win back-to-back championships. At 6’2” and fast he has all the measurables to be elite at the next level. When watching the tape of Ringo in press coverage it reminds me big of a young Xavien Howard. Oh yeah, remember that pick six in last year’s national championship vs Alabama to seal the game? That is Ringo. 


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