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Thank You Ken Dorsey for showing emotion! Losing Sucks, and at least I know you hate it

Thank You Ken Dorsey for showing emotion! Losing Sucks, and at least I know you hate it

I have been a Buffalo Bills fan my entire life, and yesterday’s loss to the Miami Dolphins was horrible. There were so many opportunities for the Bills to win and they could not get one of those plays to go in their favor.

The Bills have owned the Dolphins since Josh Allen came to Buffalo, but yesterday was not the Bills day. Shoot they controlled everything in the game except putting points on the board.

The Miami Dolphins and Tua Tagovailoa deserve a bunch of credit they won a very close game. The Sun and Injury bug bit both teams yesterday. The Bills left so many opportunities on the field because of clock management. At the half the Bills could have spiked the ball but there was a bad exchange between Josh Allen and the back-up center which ended up messing up the chances for the Bills to kick a field goal.

Then Tyler Bass missed a kick, and Matt Milano dropped an easy pick six. The Bills had opportunities. Maybe they should have thrown a flag on the Gabe Davis catch to see if it was a touchdown before the ball came out. There were so many what if questions, but the best part was after losing the game, the Buffalo Bills new offensive coordinator showed emotion.

He snapped throwing his playbook, his paperwork, his headphones, and you know what, I LOVED IT!

I remember getting on the bus after my football team lost and I would have teammates laughing and talking on their phones. They were acting like we just didn’t get our asses handed to us. It pissed me off more than losing. There was no accountability. I felt the coaches should have intervened. They didn’t, they never did. Shoot, they were on the phones too. I learned something, I am more invested in this team than my own coaches and teammates. So you may ask why I loved it, well dammit I remember my team being the worst damn team in the NFL for years. Not just one year, it was damn near 20. Our team would get spanked and there was no emotion. To see a coach pissed off that he didn’t win makes me happy.

I hate losing, and I am a super competitive person. Ken Dorsey knows his team was spanking the Dolphins all over the field and they still had multiple shots to win but couldn’t.

He knows his team is the better team, and there could have been something he did differently to help the Bills win that game.

The Buffalo Bills have a target on their back. They have lost the last six games that were less than 8 points. If they do not blow you out, they are struggling to beat you. This is a new era though under Ken Dorsey. He hates to lose as much as me.

I love that he is passionate about his job. He wants to win, and dammit so do I.

At the end of the day, Bills fans and their coach will get picked on for this breakdown that was caught on TV, but if it helps get you to the Super Bowl, it was worth it! So thank you Mr. Dorsey for showing some damn emotion.

As a football player on the offensive and defensive side of the ball, I now know my offensive coordinator wants to win as much as me. So I am going to fight like hell to get that win!


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