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Buffalo Bills are attempting to Trademark the term Bills Mafia

Term “Bills Mafia” trademarked by the Buffalo Bills
Term “Bills Mafia” trademarked by the Buffalo Bills

Everyone knows the name Bills Mafia started when Del Reid, Breyon Harris, and Leslie Wille coined the phrased years ago. Well, according to Del Reid himself, the Bills owners Terry and Kim Pegula have reached out to Del and his crew and are going to work with them to continue to do great things for the community by trademarking the term BillsMafia!

The Buffalo Bills LLC via Jonathan W. Brown their attorney filed the trademark for Bills Mafia on October 19, 2020.

The Bills plans to sell memorabilia, mostly clothes and swag with the Bills Mafia name on it. The Logo has actually been submitted as well in TESS.

The executive Vice President of PSE (Pegula Sports and Entertainment) made sure to state the Bills plan to work with Del Reid and his crew.

“It doesn’t change what they do at all… we’ve told Del we want him to be a part of this. He’s integral to how this gets developed,” Raccuia told The Buffalo News.

It is pretty cool to see, the Bills Mafia term will live on! Great job by Del Reid and his staff who created 26 Shirts that give back to locals in the community who are going through tough times.


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