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Bills newly signed pass rusher Von Miller is being sued in Revenge Lawsuit

Von Miller
Von Miller caught in scandalous lawsuit for illegally sharing sexually explicit pics to 2 celebrities

There is a female going by the name of Jane Doe who is suing new Buffalo Bills edge rusher Von Miller out of Los Angeles.

According to TMZ Sports, court documents obtained say that Miller was dating a woman in 2020 and the two of them took photos during sexual acts.

Well, the woman is claiming that Miller shared those photos with several celebrities and now he is being sued.

She claims that on May 7th, 2020, Miller sent a sexually explicit photo of her to a celebrity saying,

“This the bitch you want? You can have her dawg.”

He then followed it up three minutes later sending another text to another celebrity saying

“This the bitch you want?

The female is claiming that Miller did this in a fit of jealousy, anger, and rage.

Miller is an 8x Pro Bowler who just signed a very rich contract with the Buffalo Bills. The female is asking for monetary damages and asking to not share the photos anymore.


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