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Former standout Michigan Running Back cut from USFL because he didn’t like Chicken Salad?

USFL cut player over Chicken Salad
I am rooting for the USFL to be a huge success, but this right here is wrong. It is hard to feed 60 players, but to cut someone is wrong.

This is wild! This Pittsburgh Maulers cut a player who wanted Pizza over Chicken Salad.

De’Veon Smith is not a fan of Chicken Salad and he was cut by his team because of it!

A video from United Football was released showing Smith get released. He was cut from the new USFL league because he wanted pizza instead of Chicken Salad.

You can hear the video below, this is pathetic. i am shocked this happened.

Smith signed with the Miami Dolphins as an undrafted free agent after an amazing career with the Michigan Wolverines.


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