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Is Leonard Fournette returning to Tampa Bay now too? He just removed his goodbye from Instagram

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers received some pretty great news yesterday. Tom Brady made the decision he could not stay away from the game after retiring about 40 days ago.

Well, just 24 hours before the tampering period began Brady must have started calling his former teammates. Ryan Jensen the teams center agreed to a deal quickly after the news Brady returned and even took less money.

Now, Leonard Fournette who posted this on Instagram has suddenly removed it. Could he be next?

It sounds like the Brady effect is working. Tom Brady is a beast on the field and I could understand why players would want to return. I mean he took the Bucs to a Super Bowl and won. You play the game to win it all and Brady has shown no signs of his game declining. So why not run it back?

Leonard Fournette had 812 yards rushing last season and as well as 8 touchdowns on the ground. If you add in the fact that he had 454 receiving yards on 69 receptions and 2 touchdowns through the air, Fournette is a key player for Brady’s success. First it was his center, and now it looks like he wants his running back now as well.


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