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Offensive lineman Rankings: Breaking down the best offensive lineman in college football

Trevor Penning UNI 2022 NFL Draft Prospect
UNI offensive lineman Trevor Penning is flying up NFL draft boards. The massive and athletic offensive tackle is a top 10 player

Antoine Tshiyombo @draftday101 – Antoine is our west coast scout for Draft Diamonds who breaks down FBS prospects. He has been a great addition, and today breaks down the Offensive lineman Rankings in college football.

  1. Evan Neal LT Alabama 6”7 350 Swing Position: RT LG Grade:188
  2. Tyler Linderbaum OC 6”3 290 Swing Position: N/A Grade: 184
  3. Ikem Ekwonu LG North Carolina State 6”4 320 Swing Positions: LT RG Grade:179
  4. Darian Kinnard RT Kentucky 6”5 Swing Position: N/A Grade: 178
  5. Charles Cross LT Mississippi State 6”5 310 Swing Position: RT Grade: 177
  6. Kayvon Green LG Texas A&M 6”4 325 Swing Positions: RT RG LT Grade:174
  7. Bernhard Raimann LT Central Michigan 6”7 305 Swing Positions: N/A Grade: 173
  8. Trevor Penning LT Northern Iowa 6”7 321 Swing Positions: RT RG Grade: 173
  9. Sean Rhyan LT UCLA 6”5 320 Swing Positions: N/A Grade:172
  10. Zion Johnson LG Boston College 6”3 313 Swing Positions: RG Grade:171
  11. Ed Ingram LG Louisiana State 6”3 315 Swing Positions: RG Grade: 170
  12. Cain Madden RG Notre Dame 6”3 310 Swing positions: N/A Grade: 167
  13. Jamaree Sayler RG Georgia 6”4 325 Swing Positions: LG LT Grade: 165
  14. Daniel Faalele RT Minnesota 6”9 380 Swing Position: N/A Grade:149
  15. Abraham Lucas RT Washington State 6”7 319 Swing Positions:N/A Grade: 149
  16. Cole Strange LG Chattanooga 6”6 301 Swing Positions: RG RT Grade:147
  17. Myron Cunningham LT Arkansas 6”6 325 Swing Positions: RG RT Grade:142
  18. Alec Lindstrom OC Boston College 6”3 298 Swing Positions: RG Grade:141
  19. Matt Waletzko LT North Dakota 6”7 305 Swing Positions: RT Grade:140
  20. Spencer Burford LT University of Texas San Antonio Grade138:*
  21. Andrew Stueber RT Michigan 6”7 338 Swing Positions: RG Grade:132
  22. Max Mitchell RT Louisiana 6”6 297 Swing Positions: N/A Grade:124
  23. Jaxson Kirkland LT Washington 6”7 310 Swing Positions: RG RT Grade:123
  24. Logan Bruss RT Wisconsin 6”5 316 Swing Position:RG LG Grade:119
  25. Josh Sills LG 6”6 325 Oklahoma State Swing Positions: RG RT Grade:90
  26. Lecitus Smith LG Virginia Tech 6”3 315 Swing Positions: RG Grade: 87
  27. Justin Shaffer LG Georgia 6”4 330 Swing Positions: RG RT Grade:81
  28. Braxton Jones LT Southern Utah 6”7 310 Swing Positions: RT Grade:80
  29. Emil Ekiyor Jr. RG Alabama 6”3 324 Swing Positions: LG Grade: 78
  30. Andrew Vorhees LG Southern California 6”6 320 Swing Positions: RG LT Grade:74 33.
  31. Nick Zakelj LG Fordham 6”5 325 Swing Positions: LT RG Grade: 70
  32. Alex Forsyth C Oregon 6”3 303 Swing Position: LG RG Grade:63
  33. Marquis Hayes LG Oklahoma 6”5 324 Swing Position: N/A Grade:58
  34. Malaesala Aumavae-Lalu RT 6”6 315 Swing positions: N/A Grade:50
  35. Chris Owens OC 6”3 305 Swing Positions: LT LG RG Grade: 50
  36. Devin Corhran LT Georgia Tech 6”7 314 Swing Positions: RT Grade:38
  37. ZeVeyon Furcron RG 6”2 327 Southern Illinois Swing Positions: LG Grade:35
  38. Brock Hoffman LG 6”3 310 Swing Positions: OC RG Grade:32
  39. Stewart Reese RG 6”6 345 Swing Position:LG Grade:28
  40. Dylan Parham RG Memphis 6”3 285 Swing Positions: LG Grade:27
  41. Doug Kramer OC Illinois 6”2 305 Swing Positions: N/A Grade:24
  42. Chris Paul RT Tulsa 6”4 324 Swing Positions: RG LG Grade:24

Star=* get to know LT: Left Tackle
LG: Left Guard
0C: Center
RG:Right Guard
RT: Right Tackle N/A= Not applicable
200-190=Elite Prospect/ Franchise Building block 189-175= 1st Round Prospect/Pro Bowl Talent 174-150= 2nd Round Prospect/ Above Average Starter 149-125= 3rd Round Prospect/ Starter
124-100= 4th Round Prospect/ Potential Starter front line back up 99-75= 5th Round Prospect/ Role player
74-50=6th Round Prospect/Specialist potential back up
49-25= 7th Round Prospect/ Project
24-10= Undrafted Free agent 9–1=Camp body not pro talent


Damond Talbot

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at nfldraftdiamonds@gmail.com

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