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Should the Bills fans panic? Who is to blame for the mess in Buffalo right now?

Buffalo Bills fans
Should the Buffalo Bills be pissed? I know I am and I am a die hard fan. The Bills have a lot of things going wrong.

There are so many on Twitter right now pointing fingers, including myself. The Bills looked absolutely horrible last night. They were at home on Monday Night for the first time since gosh knows when and they laid an egg.

The fans came out to support them in horrible weather conditions and the coaching staff and players let the fans down big time.


So here is my question, who is to blame? The Bills look absolutely ridiculous right now. They cannot stop the run game, they have no run game, their offensive line is crap and the coaches are not coaching to win now, they are vanilla in their play calling. I am going to break down my five biggest problems with the Bills right now and you can add on what you think are the biggest problems.

  1. Coaches need to be held accountable. Yes, that includes you Sean McDermott. I mean you cannot hold a player accountable if you do not hold the coach accountable. Yesterday, McDermott made both Isaiah McKenzie and Marquez Stevenson unavailable but that was a huge mistake in my opinion. Even if you do not want to put them on punt/kick return they are fast. You can run them, and with the weather conditions yesterday they could have used a running back or wide receiver who could get to the outside. The Bills have made several dumb calls when it comes to 4th and shorts too. Yesterday, they kicked into the wind when they could have went for it. The play calling was too damn vanilla and our coaching staff gives our players too much respect. Our running backs suck, it is time to find someone who doesn’t. I want to have faith in our coaches, but when we sign Bobby Hart (The Human Turnstile) off the Titans practice squad, that is when I began shaking my head as a fan.
  2. Running Game is JUST NOT GOOD – The Bills have three running backs and none of them are good. Zach Moss, Matt Brieda, and Devin Singletary are not workhouse backs. All of them lack vision, and two of them are slower than us. The Bills are a passing team, but until they get a run game, teams can easily shut down the passing game. Yesterday, the longest run was Josh Allen. The Bills only ran him like four or five times, they should have ran him like 20 times. The Bills missed some big moments last night. Zach Moss especially. If he pops it outside on the goal line the Bills win the game. You have to have good vision to be a running back and speed. The Bills are trying to make the best out of their run game, but maybe it is time to call up Antonio Williams from the practice squad to see what you have. Maybe you have another Fred Jackson sitting down there waiting for an opportunity.
  3. Offensive Line Play – The Bills have a carousel at the offensive line and injuries and COVID have beat them up all year. The Interior offensive line play is absolutely trash. Cody Ford, Ike Boetgger and even Darryl Williams have struggled this year. I will say Spencer Brown has been a nice little upgrade, but even he has had some boneheaded penalties. The Bills need to get their team some depth on the O-Line and they need veterans. Stop trying to find people like Ryan Bates, find a damn savvy veteran to protect Josh Allen. I mean you just paid Josh Allen 250 million and you sign Bobby Hart? You must not like your investment. That would be like buying a Ferrari and putting bare tires on it. Bad choices.
  4. Play Calling – Brian Daboll, you my friend would be on the hot seat. I hope another team hires you, because you are setting this team back. People can love this guy but not me. He disappoints me year in and year out. He makes some of the dumbest calls. The Bills have some of the most elusive wide receivers in the game. We do not run crossing patterns. I cannot tell you the last time we ran a damn scree n pass. I mean, I want to see something. Our tight end (Dawson Knox) is not Rob Gronkowski, he has a hard time at catching the football. Start getting Cole Beasley involved. The Bills are acting like the running backs are great, the offensive line can protect Josh Allen for ten minutes, and the wide receivers are just so good they will always be open. The team has to get their shit together and quickly. They play the number 2 defense in the NFL next week with the greatest quarterback of all time in Tom Brady. Running a and b gap runs all game will not get you a win. But watch, Daboll will come in and show out this week. He always does after a crappy performance. He will look like the best offensive coordinator in the world. So either he is being lazy, or he has the potential and is just not using it. If this happens the Bills better start driving him to the interviews, because if they want to win they need someone committed to win every damn week and they have that in Ken Dorsey.
  5. Run Defense – The Bills run defense maybe the worst in the NFL. We made Damien Harris, Rhamondre Stevenson and Jonathan Taylor look like Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith and Adrian Peterson. The Bills defense cannot stop a cold right now in the run game. They allowed more than 200 yards yesterday against the Patriots with a rookie quarterback. Mac Jones threw the ball 3 times and still beat them. The Patriots straight up pulled a Navy Playbook out and punched the Bills in the mouth. The Bills run game is atrocious. They cannot stop anyone. So far if you have a power run game and are physical you will beat the Bills every time you play them. The key to success is simple, get a big and powerful back with vision, and don’t stop running the ball. The Bills had 10 in the damn box and couldn’t stop the Pats. They are soft on defense and that is on Leslie Frazier. The Bills should be pissed today.

Sean McDermott seemed pissed when they brought up Bill Belichick in the press conference last night, but dammit until you start showing passion on your play calling, and accountability, do not talk about Belichick. The Bills need to get mad, the players walked off the press conference set last night. Good, they were not happy they got beat at home. I want to see them do something about it. I want to see them get a win, because right now, they look scared, and defeated. Tom Brady owns them too. It could be another week before we seem them wake up.

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