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Should the Jets just let Zach Wilson sit the bench for the rest of the season to learn?

Zach Wilson Jets Joe Douglas
Should the Jets let Zach Wilson sit the bench and learn from Mike White and Joe Flacco? Why risk getting him hurt at this point?

I loved Zach Wilson out of the NFL Draft, but he was raw. He suffered a PCL injury and is not 100 percent, but he is considered the franchise quarterback. Here is my question, should the Jets and Robert Saleh throw him to the wolves, or utilize their back-ups to give Wilson a chance to learn?

This week the Miami Dolphins are the competition and while the Dolphins offense is horrible, their defense is pretty solid. Head coach Robert Saleh has already named Joe Flacco the starting quarterback for the game.

Flacco was acquired for a 2022 conditional sixth round pick earlier this year. Flacco is a Super Bowl Champion, and a very good quarterback. If Flacco ends up playing 50 percent of the snaps the pick could become a 5th round pick, but at this point winning should be the goal right?

Mike White started last week, and the media is already crushing him. Saleh actually had to defend his quarterback after his poor performance against the Bills.

People were pumped about Mike White after he beat the Bengals, but then last week he threw four interceptions against the Bills defense. Flacco came in during garbage time and scored a touchdown. Here is my honest question. Why should the Jets rush their franchise quarterback to return if he is not 100 percent? Wouldn’t he be better off learning the offense, and schemes from the bench?


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