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Zach Wilson is still confident about his future even though Mike White is starting over him

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New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson will not start this week against the Bills but Wilson understands he is still trying to learn the role at the next level.

The New York Jets are starting Mike White this week over Zach Wilson. The Jets confirmed Wednesday that Mike is the starter and Zach Wilson still sounded confident when he talked to ESPN.

“No, definitely not, and the reason is I’ve played only five games,” Wilson said, via ESPN’s Rich Cimini, when asked if the quarterback uncertainty worried him. “I just got here. I’m supposed to be a senior in college right now. You have to understand, it’s going to be hard. I’m not making excuses, but that’s where growth comes from.

“I definitely didn’t come here thinking this would be the greatest thing ever and we’re going to go undefeated. I knew it was going to be tough and that’s part of the process. That’s what makes football so fun. My time is going to come.”

Wilson has definitely struggled in his debut with the Jets, but that is expected. Most rookie quarterbacks struggle. His answer was mature, he has a point, teams cannot expect him to be a superstar day one. He will be fine, but if Mike White can somehow shock the Bills this weekend, Wilson might be on the bench a little longer.


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