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Should the NFL suspend Dalvin Cook? The evidence looks pretty bad against him

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This is not Dalvin Cook’s first run-in with a woman. Remember he was arrested outside a club for hitting a female before as well.

Yesterday, Dalvin Cook filed a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend for domestic violence, but this Instagram Message is pretty damning itself.

Cook wrote to his ex-girlfriend Gracelyn Trimble that he knew what he did and it can’t be fixed. He then said If you want to go to the police, he will accept his punishment. Now, he is filing a suit against his ex saying he is being extorted?

This message right here is pretty telling. This sounds like admittance, and they he said he is sorry in later texts and saying the situation got out of hand from the jump. Then he asked if she can come back. The crazy thing is in the messages, Trimble says she this:

“Dalvin My face is so messed up I probably won’t even get to go see my family for thanksgiving,” Trimble wrote back.

A year later and this is coming out, but something definitely happened. Trimble claims she suffered cuts and bruises and she also attached photos to the messages to Cook. Pretty wild but something should be done.

Remember running back Dalvin Cook was found not guilty after being charged with battery in an alleged incident with a 21-year-old woman outside of a Tallahassee bar, when he was at school at Florida State.


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