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5 reasons why fans love the National Football League

There are many reasons why American football is the best sport and one of the most dynamic today. Each movement brings new emotion, and the only smooth time is between the two actions when the sides determine what to do next. Brutal strength is often essential for this game, but also aptitude, pace, and talent. Although this is a contest of great complexity, particularly on a professional level, the fundamental rules are easy to follow.

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The Most Valuable Brands on Planet

While most Europeans probably live in the misconception that football is the number one in the world, Forbes’ list of the most valuable clubs has reaffirmed that it is in fact the American version. The list of the 50 most valuable includes more than half of the clubs from the USA, while the “real” one is represented by only seven.

The supremacy of American over classic variation has been pronounced since the beginning of the 21st century, and the last time the Old Continent was in the lead was in the 1990s. The absolute dominance of the American economy began in the middle of this decade, while the Europeans are increasingly losing its breath in an attempt to keep up with the pace of money turning in the United States.

For example, the Dallas Cowboys, a club that Jerry Jones bought for about $150 million 20 years ago are, at the top of the Forbes list for the fourth year in a row. Their value is now estimated at five billion greenbacks.

Uncertain Outcomes as Fertile Grounds for Gambling

The fact is that players in a football game score less than in most other sports, although we must admit it can sometimes lead to boring play. Still, the end-result just depends on the quality of the game. The fan’s love is stronger because it creates uncertainty – you never know when a result change will occur, and that’s why you will be constantly on the edge of your seat.

This is where the NFL fans can cross a thin line that divides their aptitude from gambling and where they are invited to enjoy both worlds. There is also a great opportunity to get paid for watching and predicting the final outcome, just like playing a casino game. Also, there is no need to leave the comfort of your home because thanks to AussieBestCasinos reviews you can find safe online casinos where you can play with confidence.

Moreover, you can find more and more slot machines inspired by the NFL’s best sides so that a football fan has another reason to try to blend two niches. You will find out more about the volumes of money fluctuating in and around, which should back this position up.

A Never-ending Soap Opera

The fact that CBS, NBC, ESPN, Fox and Direc TV paid an average of $340 million for TV broadcasts to each of 32 NFL teams last year speaks about how this competition is dominant in commercial terms. The New England Patriots earned only 10 percent of the annual budget from tickets last season, while all other sums came from agreements of companies who are the sponsors of the NFL, merchandising, television rights, food, and beverage sales at the stadium.

A comment from Forbes magazine points out that “this is like a television soap opera that has no end, as the same actors bring unexpected twists from week to week, and that brings tension, drama, sadness and joy to any NFL fan who follows.”

It is further stated that even the owner of Cowboys, Jerry Jones, said in an interview: “I did not invent the way to make money from a football team, but I found a way to make big moves ahead and to promote this circus every day.”

Great Athletes to Identify With

We all have a hero to follow and who inspires us to try to achieve and perform better. Legendary footballers are not an exemption. For example, James Nathaniel “Jim” Brown was a fullback who played with the Cleveland Browns. He was named the greatest professional footballer in history by Sporting News magazine in 2002 and the first player in history to hit over 100 touchdowns on the ground. He ended his career very early – at the age of 29, as he could not combine playing his emerging movie popularity.

Also, we have Peyton Manning, a quarterback who played for the Indianapolis Colts (1998-2012) and the Denver Broncos (2012-2015). Reputedly one of the best passers in history, he is also a record holder for a variety of indicators – for example, his passes covered 71,940 yards. The only player to have won a league MVP five times (2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2013). He took part in the Pro-Bowl 14 times, while in 2004 he was recognized as its most valuable player.

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Depicted in Movies and Featured in Video Games

The first and still the most popular story goes back to 1963, when George Plimpton, a journalist and writer who became famous in America for his spectacular immersion in the professional sports-environment, spent the preseason with the Detroit Lions. The writer even got some scraps of playing when the result was imminent. He published “Paper Lion”, a book about this, that became a film in 1968. In addition to the star Alan Alda, several real players of Detroit including Alex Karras, Joe Smith, and so on starred.

Now, when PC and mobile gaming are so advanced, you can choose your favorite side and lead them to the title using a keyboard or your fingertips only. Obviously, your loving pastime stars in so many media and is playable in each country you can think of – presuming a stable Internet connection.


How people love football is best reflected in the following data: the 2021 Super Bowl was watched by almost 167 million Americans and about a billion football fans around the planet. The American version of the game has become a magnet for everyone, so famous musicians and singers are racing to see who will perform at a playoff game of the Los Angeles Raider or Boston Red Sox. Big companies are ready to spend millions of dollars on commercials during NFL matches, because they are aware of how much this sport has entered every pore of life.

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