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Baltimore Ravens sign Lamar Jackson’s favorite HS football target, WR Donte Sylencieux

Donte Silencieux Graceland NAIA
Ravens signed NAIA wide receiver Donte Silencieux as an undrafted free agent making him the only the second NAIA player to sign a contract this year.

Today, Donte Sylencieux was signed by the Baltimore Ravens. Many may wonder who that is, because you will not find scouting reports on him. He is a small school wide receiver from Graceland University.

The 6’2, 200 pound wide receiver was a solid player for Graceland University, but get this he was Lamar Jackson’s main target in high school. The Ravens are bringing in Sylencieux to compete for a roster spot.

He was a big time play maker in high school, and has the athletic ability. If you want to see what he looks like on film, check out his HUDL account below. The Boynton Beach native has found his way on an NFL roster.

He finished the 2020 season on the 0-5 Graceland football team and had 6 receptions for 77 yards and no touchdowns. Sylencieux was one of 9 undrafted players signed by the team. Sylencieux, who caught 10 touchdown passes from Jackson during their high school careers, spent the last three seasons at Graceland University in the NAIA. Pretty cool to see.


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