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Buffalo Bills News: Buffalo Bills landed on Mars! Thanks to the Legacy of Pancho Billa

Kim Pegula and Pancho Billa Mars Bills land on Mars
Pancho Billa was an iconic legend in Buffalo and his legacy will live on not just on Earth, but also in Mars!!! This is the coolest story you will read today!

According to Channel 2 News in Buffalo, Pancho Billa’s legacy is now on two planets.

NASA’s newest rover, Perseverance, successfully landed on Mars on Thursday afternoon. On that rover was a control chip carrying the legacy of Ezra Castro, better known as Pancho Billa.

Castro fought long and hard against cancer but fell short. He died after a battle with pancreatic cancer, and his amazing story touched everyone in Buffalo. Well it also touched a NASA engineer, who inscribed Ezra’s name and the names of his family in the chip on the rover.

Yes, that is right, Ezra Castro aka Pancho Billa became the first Super Fan to land on Mars!

The Buffalo Bills and the #BillsMafia are everywhere. I am a huge fan of Pancho Billa and his family, and I love this story.

Castro’s girlfriend Veronica Borjon said this to WGRZ.

“It’s amazing, it’s heartwarming, and it just makes me realize that we are always going to be together as a family.”

There you go Bills fans, we are the only franchise in NFL history with a member on Mars! Rest Easy Ezra!


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