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If the Bills/Titans game is cancelled or forfeited neither team will get paid that game check

Titans Bills Forfeit
Will the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans game be postponed or forfeited? We will see

This is wild. The Titans have really messed up the NFL at this point. The league has been running well, and now the Titans/Bills game is in jeopardy after a 23 member of the Titans has tested positive.

Another player has tested positive this morning. The NFL needs to step up. Many want the Titans to forfeit, but their is a problem.

If the Bills/Titans do not play the players do not get paid.

The NFL is wrong, and there is also talk that the NFL will make more moves to help the Titans again. They will move a game to a later date and screw the Bills. The Bills lose either way to be honest.

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