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Does NDSU Football team have the best offensive line in the entire country?

NDSU Football
NDSU Football has the best offensive line in college football. I think they have 5 of the most underrated lineman in college football.

I have been watching quite a bit of football over the years and if there is one team that I focus on more than any it has to be NDSU otherwise known as the FCS Champions. North Dakota State football has been a powerhouse at the FCS level for years, but this year even though they will only play one game, they have some special talent.

I am not going to talk about Trey Lance, as you know I have already been blowing him up week in and week out. I wanted to focus on his offensive line though.

It is no surprise that Offensive Tackle Dillon Radunz is regarded as one of the top offensive line prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft Class. He is considered their top offensive lineman and many NFL Draftniks know about him because he is getting a little more National love than the others on the offensive line.

Don’t get me wrong, Radunz is a guy you should love. I mean he stands at 6-foot-6 and weighs 301 pounds. The Becker, Minnesota native plays left tackle for the Bison. The 2019 AP First Team All-American started all 16 games at left tackle for the Bison.

In 12 regular season games he played 682 snaps, with 63 knockdowns and allowed zero sacks. The Bison rushed for a school-record of 4,601 yards, and quarterback Trey Lance had zero interceptions.

That is just one player on their offensive line, but get this there are more who are studs.

The center on the NDSU football team Karson Schoening is the most underrated prospect in the entire country.

Schoening stands at 6050 and weighs 302 pounds, do you realize that this is the size of most tackles in the NFL? This kid is playing anchor for his team.

The big guy is a freak athlete. Many are not aware of his high school basketball and baseball skills! He was a pitcher for Rolla High School and also did a great job playing the infield. He was a four year starter in high school on the offensive and defensive line. He came to North Dakota State and redshirted his first season.

Karson too started every game last year, and graded out at 94 percent on the season, with zero missed assignments. This stat alone is insane. It does not stop there though.

NDSU Football has a kid by the name of Cordell Volson who is pretty damn good too. Volson’s brother Tanner also a NDSU Alum is currently in the NFL with the New York Giants.

Cordell though was a five year starter in high school, and is athletic as hell. He stands at 6070 and weighs 313 pounds. He is my unsung hero on the Bison offensive line. He started all 16 games at right tackle, and had a team high 100 knockdown blocks and averaged 8.3 knockdowns per game. In 724 snaps he only allowed a half a sack.

Did you just read that? VOLSON had 100 knockdown blocks. He is a man among boys out there on the football field. Three of the Bison offensive lineman are future NFL players, and potentially starters at the next level.

I wanted to talk about two other guys who I expect to start this year as well. One is Junior Nash Jensen, let me tell you #66 is a road grader. This kid is mean as hell, and he started all 16 games last year at left guard. The school rushed for 4,601 yards in one season behind these kids. He is a smart kid too, but man he takes football serious, this kid is special.

The last player I want to talk about is Zach Kubas the other senior. Kubas will likely be getting the start this year after acting as a back up for the years past. He has played in 26 career games and is a big boy. He stands at 6040 and weighs 299 pounds. The North Dakota native’s brother is also on the offensive line. This offensive line is special and big men are not given enough credit. It is about time we start talking about NDSU Football’s offensive line because without them, they may not be Championship caliber.


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